About niverplast

About Niverplast

Niverplast, passionate people

What can we do for and with you?
Niverplast develops innovative film packaging solutions to protect and transport a wide range of products. Bread, meat, fish, liquids and non-food products that have to be packed in a bag and box are our core-business. Specific knowledge of the internal logistical process is the pillar for most Niverplast solutions.

Together with you, we’ll find an efficient and a cost effective solution to protect and transport your products. As a sharing partner we make sure that you can focus on your main duties without compromising the internal logistical process. It is our aim to offer you a decisive logistical lead on your competitors.

Choosing Niverplast is consciously selecting a business partner and film producer of the highest quality film. Enthousiastic experts that understand your business as no other can transform your needs into a logistical lead for your business that has a powerful effect on your competiveness – professionaly, within budget and within time.

What’s unique about us?
We’re very happy people. We want you to be happy with Niverplast as well. Happy with our products and happy with us as a partner in improving your business.

People’s business
Yes, we’re in an industry that has its focus on automation, machinery and products. We can also claim to be innovative, professional, efficient/effective and assure you that our products are of the highest quality and we can claim a whole lot more but more important are people.  Without people there’s no business. We want them to be happy.

  • People that we work for
  • People that we work with
  • People that work for us
  • The Niverplast team

100% satisfaction
We guarantee you that you’ll be happy with us because we won’t stop till you’re 100% satisfied. Therefore you’ll pay the last term when fully happy with Niverplast.

Who are we?
We’re just Niverplast. A Dutch packaging company that wants you to be happy. Who will be your partner in improving your internal logistical business by cost reduction (lowest cost of ownership), quality improvement and lead time reduction.

History of Niverplast

How did we become what we are right now?


The beginning…… we started with selling bags


Development of EasyOpen bags


Moved to our building - Kalanderstraat in Rijssen


From bagseller to mechanist. An innovator in packaging solutions


Besides stand-alone machines, complete packaging lines are built. From now on we offer total packaging solution.


Development first camera line


Expansion of our Kalanderstraat building


25th Anniversary: Together with all our colleageus we visited our Compassion children in Kenia


Started with building our new plant/office in Nijverdal


30th Anniversary: Opening new building in Nijverdal

Let's improve business together

Feel free to contact us, we are more than willing to help you!