Perfect fitting bags

FItting bags for your exceptional needs

The patented EasyOpen bags provides you the easiest way to pick a single bag from a bundle to place it in your boxes, crates or buckets. This ingenious hanging
system, consisting of a support, a pre-cut in your bags and special pins to hang them, reduces time with every single bag and improves your productivity up to 50%!

We started producing EasyOpen bags, an easy way to place bags manually in a box or crate. Not long after that, the question came whether we could place the bags automatically. That is why we have developed the EasyPlast bagplacer.

We work with pre-made bags. This has some major advantages compared to the from a reel systems:​

  • The plastic bags are manufactured, so you do not have to take care of the risks of production of the bags.
  • Because the bags are produced at a certified manufacturer, we can handle bags with a thickness of only 10 microns.
  • We guarantee the absolute lowest cost of ownership compared to all other systems available on the market. We can calculate this for you.
  • In addition, both blank- and the bag storage are replenished while the machine continues to produce. The production does not stop!
  • If you need manual bag placing, you can use the same bags: no additional references!
  • You do not need knowledge of film- and bag sealing technology
  • Who do you think is better in making bags; a specialized bag making company or you? Would you have your product be made by a bag maker?
Perfect fitting bags


No more bags and reels on the ground and blister free

Ergonomic and flexible

Ergonomic and flexible

The supports are adjustable in height

Save up to 50% time

Save up to 50% time

The fastest way for manual bag placing


  • Suited for HDPE, MDPE, LDPE & BARRIER material
  • Suited for all bag sizes
  • Gusseted and flat bags
  • Bags available in different colors
  • Customized (print) bags possible
  • Customer specific calculation bag size for a perfect fit


  • 45° bottom cross seal or double bottom seal
  • Customer specific additives

  • HDPE
  • LDPE
  • MDPE
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