Niverplast & Compassion – committed to children in poverty

A trip through Kenya made the Nieuwenhuis family humble. What a poverty! Because people are our first drive we decided to help the Kenya children and their families together with Compassion.

Since 2009, every employee within the Niverplast organization is sponsoring a child in Kenya. This enables the children to go to school, get healthy food and medical care. Niverplast takes care of the financials and the employees send letters, pictures and small necessities.

A new future for more then 80 children and their families. In October 2011 (25th anniversary) we all visited the children in Kenya. An unforgettable journey with a lot of laughter and tears.

Niverplast and the Kenya CombiPlast
After our trip we wanted to help the needed more. Partners of our employees sponsored additional children and we did what we do best – building a packaging machine for Kenya. 

With support of our suppliers we built a fully sponsored CombiPlast. Our people worked for free, working hours and materials were not calculated and our suppliers provided us with the parts for free. We will donate the full amount to Kenya and its children. For those who struggle and without help have no future.

"All children should have the right to be loved, to dream, to play, to hope, to learn, to be, to live a beautiful life"

Many thanks to our partner suppliers and we hope that this inspires you to help people in need.

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