Complete lines

Flexible bread packaging line with counting and quality

Combining packing technology and manual labour for a flexible bakery solution

Feeding this complete packaging line with counting and quality with your products straight from the freezer, plano’s and prefabricated bags, it provides you with the exact amount or weight products in a closed bag in box, ready to be transported!

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Semi automatic packing line

1. Box erecting & bag placing

The CombiPlast provides the line with bag in boxes. The boxes are accumulated before the filling points to ensure logistic efficiency.

2. Metal detection

Products are checked for metal. Detected products are discharged by a retracting belt and stored in a (lockable) bin.

3. Visual quality control

Rejected products are discharged by a retracting belt. Optionally single products can be taken out of the product flow. These are stored in a (lockable) bin.

4. Visual counting

Niverplast software virtually divides products in batches with sizes you wish. Offers great flexibility in product sizes and shapes thanks to camera technology.

5. Batch maker

The virtual distinguished batches are physically divided by retractable fingers.

6. Box loading system

Counted products are neatly placed in your bag in box. All with minimal height! In this case half or whole baguettes, are loaded in two filling positions to meet required production speed.

7. Bypass manual filling point

The VarioSeal checkweighs the filled boxes. Rejected boxes are ejected. The bag is sealed (optionally printed) and finally the box is closed by the integrated taper (option). Your product is ready to be transported!

8. Bypass manual filling point

In case of emergencies Niverplast lines are always equipped with a bypass. This gives the possibility to continue the production process. Non-stop production is guaranteed! In this case bread is placed on a rotating table where the products can be packed by hand.

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