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Flexible packing line

Combining packing- & weight based filling technology for a full automatic solution

Feeding this line with your products straight from bulk container, piles of your crates and prefabricated bags, it provides you with your product packed in a closed bag in crate, ready to be transported!

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Flexible packing line

1. Crate destacker

Piles of crates are fed in and destacked.

2. Bag placing

The EasyPlast inserts pre-fabricated bags into the crates.

3. Elevator

The crates with bags are brought to a higher level in a relative small footprint by an elevator. This elevator is completely developed and build by Niverplast. The crates are now transported along the ceiling keep the floor area clear. They are brought down by a spiral gravity chute where the crates are accumulated before the filling position.

4. Tilting unit

Product is supplied straight from bulk containers. These are tilted and emptied by an electrical tilting unit. Completely developed and build by Niverplast.

5. Weight based filling position

The products, which are manually processed, are transported to the filling station. The crates are placed on a weighing conveyor which controls the product flow. The filling process is monitored on a control screen.

6. Electrical press

The meat in the crate is compressed by an product press. This levels the meat without the damaging the crate.

7. Bag sealer

Finally the VarioSeal seals the bag. Your product is ready to be transported! Optionally the VarioSeal can be equipped with a checkweigher and a data printer on the bag.

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