Full automatic liquid cocoa butter line

Combining packing- & weight based filling technology for a full automatic solution

Feeding this line with your liquid product at one or more filling positions, plano’s and prefabricated bags, it provides you with the desired weight of your product in a closed bag in box, ready to be transported!

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Full automatic liquid cacao butter line

1. Box erecting & bag placing

The CombiPlast provides the line with bag in boxes. The boxes are accumulated before the filling points to ensure logistic efficiency. In this case the CombiPlast is equipped with a shortened plano store to ensure accessibility of the working area.

2. Weight based filling station

The boxes are filled with liquid cacao butter. The boxes are placed on a weighing conveyor which controls the product nozzles. The clamping unit closes off the gap between the filler and the bag to minimize dusting during fill. The filling process can be monitored on a control screen.

3. Accumulation conveyor

The filled boxes are placed on a covered accumulation conveyor. Here the liquid butter can solidify before bag and box are closed.

4. Bag sealer & box closer

Product is supplied straight from bulk containers. These are tilted and emptied by an electrical tiltingaThe VarioSeal checkweighs the filled boxes. Rejected boxes are ejected. The bag is sealed (optionally printed) and finally the box is closed by the integrated taper (option). Your product is ready to be transported! unit. Completely developed and build by Niverplast.

5. Metal detection on closed box

Filled boxes are checked for metal. Metal containing boxes are discharged onto a gravity roller conveyor. In this case the roller conveyor is elongated to serve as a bypass in case of emergencies in the palletizing area, which is located after the packing line.

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