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Latest news: IBA aftermovie

#IBA2018 has come to an end but what a successful week this was! After a lot of preparation, 8 trailers of equipment and long days of hard work by many colleagues we presented a booth that we are all proud of. The idea to bring all our machines (11) and actually use them on the booth seemed very ambitious but the result was amazing, the natural decoration in Niverplast style was the icing on the cake. What started out as a small plan, again resulted in a bigger idea that we all enjoyed together, in true Niverplast style

Niverplast and Neuman & Esser improving the powdercoating industry together

Neuman & Esser & Niverplast improving the powdercoating industry together:

Neuman & Esser collaborated with Niverplast by developing a special filling station specially dedicated to the requirements of the powder coatings industry.

Automatic filling and throughputs of up to 2,000 kg/h, (corresponding to 100 x 20 kg boxes) can be achieved with highly precise filling and more than twice the capacity of manual filling.

The box rolls into the filling area over a conveyor belt, is lifted here electrically and is accurately filled to the desired weight via a special filling mechanism with weighing cells.
It is a novelty that the dosing device doesn’t come into contact with the end product, so avoiding the cross-contamination feared within the market.

Furthermore, an extraction system prevents undesired dust development in the working area, and that with a maximum product yield.
After the desired weight has been reached, the box is deposited discharged and a new box fed.
Additional components for the completion of a fully automatic packaging line such as box erectors, mechanical bag closers and labelers, can also be offered and be integrated seamlessly.

More information about this special fillingstation:


Perfectly placed bags in combination with Flap Folding, a nice solution to reduce the falling height of your product!



Niverplast's newest development, the VarioClipper! Now you are able to twist tie your bags instead of sealing or folding. Please contact us in case you need any additional information.


Opening of our new home

We've had a beautiful day and would want to thank all our visitors for making this day such a success. We hope you have enjoyed this party as much as we did!

For those who weren't able to join this great party; we've made a short compilation of the day.



A great way to load sheets with products into a Bag with a liner.
No Pick and Place, but a reliable way to load products without nervous movements


News from Erwin - Liquid Filling Line

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